Cashflow & Budget Preparation

We can assist you with preparing your annual cashflow and budget so that you’ve got a strong financial plan for the upcoming year.

A cashflow will help you to understand:

  • How much income you’ve got coming in, and whether you expect that to increase;
  • How many expenses you’ll have for the year;
  • Whether you need to make adjustments for big, one-off expenses;
  • Whether you will have any savings available for investment.

If you find that you have a negative cash flow, we can help you to make the necessary adjustments to your expenditure.

The general structure of a cashflow and budget will include:

  1. Determine what income you receive and how often your receive it
  2. Calculate your expenses for the year, with provision made for ad hoc expenditure – these are one-off expenses you know you are likely to have throughout the year, but are unsure when they will occur and are less certain about the actual amount
  3. Determine whether you can meet your expenses, and what is available for investment.